Who is responsible for the research? The project’s directors are Dr. Lee Jarvis (University of East Anglia), Dr. Tim Legrand (Australia National University) and Dr. Michael Lister (Oxford Brookes University). The project is run on a day-to-day basis by undergraduate students in the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies at the University of East Anglia.

Who is funding the research? Talking Shop is funded in part by the University of East Anglia Annual Fund which seeks to enhance and improve the student experience at UEA.

Does the research have any political agenda? Talking Shop is entirely non-partisan and unconnected to any political, ideological or other agenda. Our ambition is to collect a wide spectrum of different responses to the ‘big questions’ within British politics, because we believe these will be of great interest to students of politics as well as other interested publics.

Where have the questions come from? The list of questions was produced from a range of sources including the team’s own experience of teaching on and studying British politics, as well as from essay, examination and seminar questions on relevant modules and courses in this field.

Is Talking Shop only for politicians? Absolutely not! Politics takes place in a number of different places including, but not limited to, the work of Parliaments and Governments. Talking Shop will feature contributions from people working across a wide range of areas in the British political process including those with experience of working within local, national and regional parliaments, think tanks, pressure groups, the civil service, political journalists and commentators, and many others besides.

I would be interested in contributing to Talking Shop. Is this possible? Absolutely! Talking Shop is being continually updated with new contributions from a range of insiders across British politics. We ask contributors to write 200-500 words on one or more questions relating to their own experience, and would be happy to provide some suggestions or discuss your own ideas with you. Please visit the contact pages for details on getting in touch with us.

200-500 words is simply too little! May I write more than this? Of course! We recognise that many contributors to the project have multiple demands on their time and set the suggested length accordingly. We would be very pleased to receive longer responses as well.

May I respond to more than one question? Of course! We would be delighted to receive more than one response.

Is remuneration for my time/expertise available? Unfortunately not. The project’s funding only covers its running costs such as payment for the student internships. Because of this we are, regrettably, unable to compensate contributors for their time or thoughts.

Can I extend my involvement in the project? While we do not currently have further research funding available to support paid involvement, we would be very pleased to hear about other potential ways of being involved in the project.

Is Talking Shop a purely British project? At the moment, yes, although Talking Shop Australia will be launching soon, and there are plans in place for a Talking Shop Europe too. We would be interested in proposals for collaboration from academics working in other countries too.

When and where did the idea for Talking Shop come from? Talking Shop was initially conceived over a cup of coffee several years ago. The UEA Annual Fund agreed to fund the project in 2014, and the website was launched in early 2015.


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